Thumper American IPA

Thumper American IPA from Rhinelander Brewing. 6.8% 79 IBUs according to the bottle. Also on the bottle:

“Fiercely hopped and hopped again, Thumper IPA keeps on going and going. Does it tantalize your tongue?”

No…no it did not. The best part of this beer is the fact that I have an empty bomber I can fill with my own stuff.

Despite the carbonation being fairly high this beer poured with NO head. None. Not even a little bit of white foam appeared. Color was a light amber. Aroma was kinda sweet but zero hop aroma on this beer. There was an immediate hop bitterness but after that came an almost apple cider flavor. Hop bitterness was prevalent through the whole taste but that was it. No other hop flavor came through and hop flavor died pretty quickly after swallowing leaving the cider flavor to linger.

It was really difficult to get past the apple cider flavor in this one. I drank half a glass out of the bomber and dumped the rest. That’s saying something since I usually will drink a beer even if it isn’t all that good. If I had the wrong ingredients and no recipe I could brew something better than this.

Glad I had some Denny’s Wry Smile on tap and some New Glarus IIPA in the fridge.

Thanks for the warning.