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Through the eyes of Sneezles

So I read an article in the paper about micro fibers… I hope some of you read/found it too… The was a study done by a … water hygienist… Seems as though the water used by municipal taps to brew beer, and make purified bottled water… apparently from surface water, is riddled with this stuff…
So all you home brewers who use their own well water don’t have much concerns…
On a better note… It cooled off here and my London ale in my ESB has just about stopped… Gives me some breathing room…
Peas are coming along with spinach… I await the harvest…


One of the reasons we live where we live…

Wasn’t this related to “pond” water? I think that’s what they were calling it

Duluth news and tribune, front page… And it also stated many countries… So this is possible tied to, micro fiber clothes… those body washes with micro beads and the such… Nothing was pointed out about the effects on human health… yet… It seems it everywhere in public water… Sneezles61

Is this an online article or local paper? I’d like to read it.

Some reliable sources have articles about it Like Time and USA today. They all reference the same source for the study. It appears that a 5 micron carbon filter will remove most micro fibers.

Maybe we should start making blankets and clothing from stuff like cotton and wool. Now you can get plastic in the water in your plastic water bottle.

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Fleece jackets are only safe once they are burned it seems

Public Radio

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I guess I will continue to lean on my RO water filter for brewing.

Perhaps its a bit over whelming to read this stuff… I’m thinking, this isn’t the only “non brew” particle that is in there also…
Did I tell you its going below freezing again… Wife is doing the great migration of her flowers into the garage… heated and all. Its all good stuff! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

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