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Three Floyds

These guys continue to impress with some of their seasonal offerings. I’m in Chicagoland so I’ve been lucky enough to try a good number of their beers both in the bottles and draft. Some recent favorites:

Broodoo - wet hopped harvest ale. Really good, tried two bombers and draft…one of my favorites so far. Actually thought the bottles tasted better than the draft I had last night…maybe losing some of the hop balance due to age? Still solid though.

Arctic Panzer Wolf - imperial IPA…hate to say it but it replaced Dreadnaught at the top of the heap in my mind. Only downside is the $11.50/22oz price tag…I’m sure there are worse vices.

Jinx Proof - I’d call it a hoppy pilsner. Good medium alcohol beer (5.1%) which is nice…don’t have to be worried about drinking a few of them (See: Panzer Wolf, Arctic…)

Region Riot - malt liquor…I know, I know…WTF? Surprisingly not bad. A little sweet for me but interesting…our waitress seemed to be a big fan (although I can only surmise how her petite frame would handle more than 1).

Anyone else try these recently? Thoughts?


Wow. I paid a lot less for Arctic Panzer Wolf. Of course that store went out of business…

I really like Zombie Dust. All that Citra has inspired me to try to brew something along those lines.

Alpha King and Gumballhead are excellent and kind of get overlooked due to their other releases, it seems.

Darklord is a good RIS, but it’s not worth the hassle of Darklord Day, IMHO. I wish they would make more and release it as I’m too old to stand around all day to buy 4 bottles of beer.

Yeah. For their area where they ship to, I’m not sure why it’s so expensive. I mean, I live 12 miles from the brewery. Why does it cost $11 for a 22-oz bottle? Insane, I tell you!

I think their beers are good, but I also think $7.99 for a sixer would be just fine.

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