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Thoughts on recipe?

12# rahr 2-row
1# caramel 90
2oz dehusked carafa III

1oz simcoe @ 60
1oz perle @ 20
1oz cascade @ 10
1oz simcoe @ 0

1.75L starter of 1056.

what do you think? its not going to be as dark as a black ipa but it should be a dark brown.

I punched it up really quick and came up with an SRM of 15, which puts you more in the light Brown color area. I don’t really know if the color is just a biproduct of the recipe or if you were intentionally shooting for a dark brown.

I also don’t know your AAs on your hops, but I came up with 56 IBUs, which would put you around a 1 to 1 ratio.

I guess it looks like a hoppy brown, versus a CDA. I am sure it will make something good either way. I think they use Perle in Sierra Pale, so it does compliment the Cascade.

No dry hops?

the color was intentional. i was going for a darker IPA…though not by any means black.

am thinking of dryhopping with simcoe.

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