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Thoughts on Changes to a Recipe

I have two versions of the same recipe but I don’ know which one I used to brew. I am interested in your thoughts on the changes to the recipe below:

Original Recipe is below; the changes are in ( ).

5 lbs six row (reduce to 4.25)
4 lbs wheat (reduce to 3.25)
.5 lb cyrstal 60L (replace with 1 lb honey malt)
.5 lb carapils - dextrine
2 lbs clover honey at flame-out (reduce to 1.75 lbs)
1 oz U.S. Hallertau - 45 min (reduce to .75 oz)
1 oz Tettnanger - 20 min (reduce to .5 oz)
1 oz U.S. Hallertau - 10 min (reduce to .5 oz)
Ale Yeast or Nottingham

Also both recipes call for a step mash (122 for 30 min, 134 for 15 min, 154 for 60 min, 168 mash-out). Is the step mash necessary or is a single mash okay; if so at what temp?

Thanks in advance

A single infusion would be fine. The second version will ferment dryer

Honey malt is strong… I would reduce to a half pound unless you know and like what it brings to the table.

I agree with @voodoo_donut in regards to the honey malt. At almost 10% that’s quite a bit of your grain bill.
In regards to your step mash you may want to complete a short protein rest in the 134° range. Of course, we don’t know what this style of beer is so haziness might not be a problem.

Thanks for the feedback. This is a honey wheat recipe. I plan to brew the revised version this weekend but will reduce the honey malt to about 1/2 pound, maybe a little less. Thanks again.

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Curious why 6-row and not 2-row?

The original recipe is for B52 Honey Wheat by Skotrat; the modified version was modified by Bill Pierce. So I don’t know why it calls for 6 row instead of 2 row other than that is what is in the recipes. I am still learning the different grains and their properties.

RIP Bill! Not sure why Scott would have went with 6 row other than it being the only available option. If you do go with 2row skip the crazy mash schedule and due a single infusion.


Yeah. I can’t see any advantage to using 6 row.

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