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Thoughts on a Cherry Wheat

I’m considering a Cherry Wheat for a taste similar to Sam Adam’s brew. I have a Bavarian Hefe now and was considering adding some cherry extract but then saw the Raspberry Wheat and thought about going with that but using the cherry extract instead of the raspberry at the bottling stage.

Any input would be appreciated as this is my first attempt at a extract addition at the bottling stage.

Either cherry or raspberry would be good. I’d suggest that you do some scaled tasting experiments to determine how much extract to add. (five glasses with 1 oz each of your beer. one with 1 drop, one with 2, one 4, one 6, one 8.) Try them each and then you can scale up for the batch. But only add 2/3 of what you calculate, and draw a sample to see whether you really want the rest of the extract added. It’s really easy to overdo the flavorings, and you can’t un-add once you’ve put it in.

Also, be aware that the extracts can end up tasting a bit artificial, so you may want to add some puree of the fruit, or actual fruit to the fermenter for a couple of weeks and then add extract. It can give a better flavor and aroma if you use both.

Awesome thanks, I didn’t even think about testing with different ounced glasses. Makes total sense though, especially with a 5 gallon batch.

Did a batch of cherry wheat for a friend, started from the NB American Wheat recipe though. Hard for me to judge since I really do not like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat but even with 4 oz of cherry extract added at bottling it was pretty subtle, more to my liking as a background note but no where near as noticeable as the Sam Adams version. If I were to do it again for him I’d add cherry puree in secondary and up the amount of extract used at bottling.

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