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Those pint glasses

Well at one point I thought it would be neat to collect pint glasses. This was before I started brewing. After starting I’ve realized there are way nicer glasses to drink beer out of. Don’t get me wrong pint glasses still serve a purpose but I don’t need more than a few.

I don’t know what I should do with the extras. If I box them up they will end up sitting there. Selling them doesn’t seem worth it.

My wife and I are going to declutter the house before Christmas so I’m trying to think of things I don’t need before she tries to make me downsize my brew area.

Always charity. Maybe gifts for beer friends.

Noob has it… Bottle up some brews, throw in a glass… See, the cardboard boxes she saves can hold the brew and a glass… Wrapped in the handy mans secret gift wrap… Duct tape!! Your welcome! :grin: Sneezles61


What about Growlers?
I think I have have about 20.

Why fill one up when you can purchase the same in cans for less…
There was a time when they were very popular.


Chuck em

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I have a Stainless growler… The only thing that sucks about it, you can’t see as you fill it…
Yeah, the back of the wifes buggy has 6 rolling around… The Jeep has 6 also… A couple in my Pick up… The coat closet can only hold a couple coats… The worst part… 10 bucks a jug!! How many sacks of Barley? :fearful: Sneezles61

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Bury them in the backyard as deep as possible. In the future what ever species of archeologists evolves from cockroaches will be able to write a research paper on them and possibly get tenure.


Me love growlers. Time to fill up some tomorow got a bday. To go to

Organize fund raiser. They buy a pint. And the keep the glass

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I didn’t intend to collect them but ended up with a bunch anyway. One Christmas I received a set of glasses for a bunch of styles like a Pils, Stout, wheat and of course pints. They have nothing on them but have replaced the use of most pints just because it is cool to serve in beer specific glasses.

I’d say give 'em away or box them up and hang on to them forever :grin:

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I really loved going to the local craft brewery and getting Growlers filled.
The excitement of that. Then Cans came out and were a better deal.

Growlers are still good for what they don’t can.

The places around here do the flip to growlers with the special growler filer machines or the crowlers for their seasonals and expierimtals. That’s nice because you don’t have to drink them right away. Nobody around here fills the old style.

I’m not as apt to go get a growler filled… I have friends that come over and I fill theirs to take home… BUT… It really sucks because 1/2" silicone tubing doesn’t fit down a typical little brown jug… So out comes the panic tap with a 3/8" hunk of tubing… Oh yeah, release pressure then start to fill and turn up the pressure until it kinda trickles… Not much foam, but one big PITA!! Sneezles61

I’ve got a few snap top growlers, a bunch of the screw cap type, and a really nice Stanley insulated one. I can get any of them filled around here as well as crowlers. If things are going well for me brewing time wise they normally just gather dust. Mostly I use them for me to go mobile or share although once in awhile I’ll stop somewhere to get one filled for the boys at the local car shop.

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I still use the “nonic” pint glass a lot. I only use the Classic pint glass for when I’m too lazy to get out the beer specific glass. I try not to be too “fussy” or AB INBEV will make fun of me…


I have alot of shaker pints… Minus one from last night… sitting on the arm rest of my chair… Had a good riff rolling… bang! My Les Paul didn’t like that one! Sneezles61


I use them for water tmblers. Really not good beer glasses. I drink out of smaller glasses anyway I collect tasters 4oz since I do a round robin of my kegs that’s about right.

I don’t tend to fill my glass up much … And I do set my kegs to pour a nice frothy head… by the time it settles down I’ve got half a glass… Sneezles61

But we got to admit. Getting. Pint glasses for x mas. Beter than a pair of socks. Or something. You did not ask for


I use my extra socks as pint glass cozies

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