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This water for brewing

I want to go all grain soon and was wondering because it uses local water and does it’s thing how much I would have to adjust using the R/O water it creates.
That being said \would I need to still get a water report? or build the water acting likes it is R/O?

I would use it as a clean slate since there should only be traces of salts left and no chlorine.

If you are in Pensacola and get your water from P’cola or Escambia Utilities, you can relax. They have very high quality water for brewing. Its all from the Sand and Gravel aquifer and is not hard or alkaline. There might be some iron and there is definitely chlorine in the water. Those are easy issues to deal with. It is probably not necessary to go to RO water if this is your water supply. You can probably get information on the water by calling the utility.

Well that is good to hear, and yes I get water from escambia utilities. So for all grain I do not really need to do anything accept maybe lower PH with gypsum maybe?
And also do not need to use RO water. Tap water and Campton tabs?
I plan on getting a ph meter and such but I am still trying to figure out the bruin water information. It is a lot to take in.

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