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This one was new for me...No cold break?

Last night I brewed a basic IPA.
11.5lb two row and another 1 lb of crystal

The whole process went smoothly but when I went to chill, the wort never clarified like I’m used to. Since I was in a bit of a rush I just went with it. Transferred to carboy and pitched yeast. the temp was 68.

This morning I check it out and it’s cleared up and there’s a bunch of “blobs” I can only assume that it’s proteins and break material. It’s bubbling away nicely.

Any idea what happened? Think it’ll be ok?

Thanks in advance.

I use the same chilling method every time and get varying cold break results. Sometimes the carboy’s just boiling with cold break material and other times there doesn’t seem to be much. I don’t worry about it, because the beer always turns out good.

If your pH isn’t in the right range it can affect how quickly a break drops out.

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