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This brown ale is bananas

I’ve got a brown ale of my own design in bottles right now. They’ve been bottled for about 3 weeks and I’m getting a distinctly estery flavor - very prominant banana like taste. Will this fade? It wasn’t there when I bottled.

I mean, its fine and I’ll drink it, but I just wonder if I wait, will it go away?

Sorry, I don’t have any of my notes in front of me, so I can’t describe the details of ingredients.

I think it sounds like it is fermentation related, even though you didn’t taste it at bottling. Probably a banana ester created by your yeast (possibly a hefeweizen yeast?) due to fermentation at a given temperature (likely a bit high).

Without more information, it is really hard to say.


Bananas can be many things but it sounds to me like a possibility of some diacetyl with a majority of a high level of unconditioned isoamyl acetate created by all yeast, where some produce nil-.001ppm and some usually lager strains create unusually high levels. Most cases this ester is re consumed during conditioning like others if normal fement conditions were seen, Without brass tacks all I can tell you is this alike other esters where temp, time etc… are the major factor but strain and stressors become the other side of the coin.

Grist and hops can be sideline contributors, but I would lean on yeast typically when I hear banana.

Thanks guys. I kind of figured it was the yeast as well. But I guess I’m still wondering if that estery taste will go away with time? Or am I stuck with it.

I sampled another last night and am still getting the same off flavor, but now it sort of tastes like I’m licking a band-aide.

Well its bottled so your guess is as good as mine. After fully carbing the yeast action during carb may help to re consume some of the esters then taste when fully carbed if still off try then going the route of cold conditioning the bulk of the batch and see if its conditioned out with the lower temp then.

Bandaide----Cut it out now, I think your imagining esters now! Seriously just let it age a bit and see whats up.


Bandaide----Cut it out now, I think your imagining esters now! Seriously just let it age a bit and see whats up.[/quote]

Hahaha. It was my first home spun recipe. I just wanted it to be good so badly. Good things there’s a lot more malt and hops in the world.

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