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This black stuff in my hops or malt?

Brewing a batch of Houblonmonstre right now. After I stirred in the first malt, brought it back up to a boil like normal, then put in the first hops. When I stirred it I found some really thin black stuff boiling around. It looks like it’s some kind of packaging or something - it’s as thin as a decal. Then when I added the additional malt and hops later on - there was a LOT more. There is no way I’m going to get every piece of it out. Just hope it doesn’t ruin my brew (it’s been boiled), and hope it doesn’t kill me if I drink it. The batch is cooling on ice right now and I can’t see any floating on top, so I’m hoping it’s all on the bottom now and I can keep it there when I put it in my carboy.

Here’s a pic of some of it - any ideas???

Never mind - I figured out it was some burnt malt or whatever on the bottom of the kettle. Any way to delete this post??

You mention removing and returning to the heat but my WAG would be caramelized LME.

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