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Third Annual Pennsylvania Homebrew Open Competition Dec 2 2017

The State College Homebrew Club’s third annual competition falls just 9 days after Thanksgiving and 22 days before Christmas Eve. The judging will take place at the Big Spring Spirits distillery in downtown Bellefonte, PA (198 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823). Judging beers while surrounded by wooden barrels full of aging spirits is a heady experience! We will likely have two flights, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the Best of Show to follow. Our competition web site is: where you can register your entries online. We expect 150 entries. Our competition is an AHA/BJCP registered event.
We accept entries in 24 BJCP American styles: 1A American Light Lager; 1B American Lager; 1C Cream Ale; 1D American Wheat Beer; 16A Sweet Stout; 16B Oatmeal Stout; 16C Tropical Stout; 16D Foreign Extra Stout; 18A Blonde Ale; 18B American Pale Ale; 19A American Amber Ale; 19B California Common; 19C American Brown Ale; 20A American Porter; 20B American Stout; 20C Imperial Stout; 21A American IPA; 21B Specialty IPA; 22A Double IPA; 22B American Strong Ale; 22C American Barleywine; 28A Brett Beer; 28B Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer; 28C Wild Specialty Beer.
Accepting entries now through November 27 2017.

I plan on entering 2 beers in this, my first competiton, and I’m wondering what category a NEIPA falls under. 21A or 21B?

NEIPA are not recognized as a style, so there is no category. You could try your luck under 21B, but I’d be tempted to go for 34B or 34C.

Those 2 styles don’t look like a category they are accepting entries in. I’m gonna try 21B, I think!

According to Gordon Strong who helped write the BJCP Style Guideline, “Enter New England IPA as 21B Specialty IPA"
Your best bet is to enter your NE IPA in category 21B. That’s how we will be judging any NE IPA entries in our competition.

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And there you have it!

Thanks @demmertp!

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