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Thinking about saving yeast

Well, I was thinking about starting to save my yeast. But, I have a few questions. I am finishing up a batch of Innkeeper and used the Wyeast 1469 Yorkshire Ale. Is it a yeast worth saving? How long does yeast usually last if left in the fridge? Any tips or opinions would be awesome.

Saving yeast will save you money over time. It will keep for several months.

As Goibniu said saving yeast will really save you money and they do last for a long time in a fridge as long as you make a decent sized starter ~1L.
In my personal experience i was able to use 3 ml worth of yeast that was 1 month old, i made a 2 cup 1.030 OG starter for 1 week and then took that yeast i grew into a two 2 cup starter for another week and saved 1 of the 2 starters as a reserve back up and took the other starter and made a 1.50 L starter for a 1.05o OG stout and the lag time was only like ~6-8 hours.
Even such a small amount of yeast you can grow it into LARGE amount of yeast with some time. Also i don’t even use flasks or stirplates, i just use the old mason jars and shaking, and for the large starters i just use an empty jug of jack daniel or johnny walker. I recently bought a glass 1 gallon apple juice jar at my farmers market and plan to use it as my new starter container.
The picture attached is the result of my second stage yeast starter. Keep in mind that that is a 15 Ml vial and only a 1/4 of that vial is enough for me to make a 1.5 L starter for a 5 gallon batch. When i began my first step starter i only had a half of that. This Wyeast 1084 is a 4th generation yeast
The second picture is Safale S-04 I believe that is an 5th generation yeast
Both yeast i bought together at the same time last year September 30th 2011 I have made 4 bears with the Wyeast and 2 beers with the Safale all of them turned out beautifully.
I put a battery pack of AA for scale.

It will last for months if stored properly. Make a starter if it is more than a month old and don’t forget to take your viability loss into account.

Definitely save the yeast. I dont know why more people dont do it. It’s really not hard at all. I save mine in glass Prego jars and will make starters before I reuse them. I have also recently started washing the yeast more often and that is super easy and takes an extra like 20 min to do (if your sanitized water is ready before hand). I will also make a larger starter than necessary and keep the extra yeast for the next batch if I know that I will need a yeast for 2 completely different beers (e.g., RIS first then brewing a pale after that) otherwise I wash it, save it, make a small-ish starter, and pitch it.

Saving yeast is the biggest money saving in brewing you can do. More than buying grain in bulk or hops in bulk.

Saving yeast is the biggest money saving in brewing you can do. More than buying grain in bulk or hops in bulk.[/quote]

I reuse jars also, except mine are the Classico jars, they’re actually the Mason jar brand and have the measurement thing on the side.

Something I’ve found that eases my mind when it comes to saving yeast is to cover the top with cling wrap before putting the lid on.

+1 on saving yeast. There’s no reason to buy new yeast every time (especially when you’ve brewed enough to discover which strains are your faves), and you can keep the yeasts going for a long time, through many brews if you’re careful.

Aside from the usual flasks and pickle jars, I’ve been reusing jars from my frequent kimchee purchases…nice quart size jars with wide mouths and screw on lids that actually vent out excess gas.

Cool, thanks for all the wonderful information everyone.
I thought I read somewhere that this 1469 yeast is only a limited time thing, but I guess it could be just a selling tactic, lol. I have a kit of the Irish red ale, does anyone think that this yeast will work well with the Irish kit(taste and flavor wise)? I could use this as an opprotunity to reclaim my first batch of yeast.

Here is a pic of my 6.5 gallon carboy with the Innkeeper kit, on third week of fermentation. I figure that over the entire surface of the good yeast, there should be quite a bit of good yeast. I know the picture has a lot of reflection, but you can no doubt see the trub, “good yeast”, and beer.

Waaaay too big of a photo, guy!

Yeah, it’s close, but, it is supposed to be a close picture of the yeast, nevermind the box. lol

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