Think I made a mistake?

Brewed a Dunkel Belgian. I bottled 2 days ago. I had 4.5 gallons of beer and only used 4oz of priming sugar that I measured with a measuring cup. Not 4 oz net weight, 4oz’s. Is my carbonation going to be low?

It’ll be a little low, in the ballpark of 2.3 volumes. It’ll be carbonated like a typical amber or IIPA, low to medium. It won’t be sparkling like a dubbel, but I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

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So you used 4 volumetric (fluid) ounces? That’lll leave you a bit short, but shouldnt be too bad. 4 fluid ounces of corn sugar is about 3.7 oz weight, which puts you around 2.3 volumes, as pchop noted. I’d be happy with that.