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Thermowells and swamp cooler question

Quick question for those of you who use a thermowell and a swamp cooler. how much temperature difference are you experiencing during active fermentation? between the swamp cooler water, and the core of the fermenter? Assuming the frozen water bottle method

I’d assume the temperature difference would be less with a swamp cooler (ambient water temp/core temp of fermenter). And the temperature difference would be greater in open air (ambient air temperature/core temp of fermenter)? is this correct reasoning?

some numbers would be great

I don’t use a thermowell, but I have taken temp readings in the center of the fermenter with a long thermometer and the temp in the beer is the same as the water temp in the swamp cooler, which makes sense - the swamp cooler volume is much greater than that of the beer in the fermenter.

Versus the air temp, the beer can easily be 5-8F higher than the ambient temp during active fermentation, and even higher with higher OGs.

Awesome! that’s what i figured, but i wasn’t certain, and couldnt find any definitive info.

thanks for all your help, on this post and many others! :cheers:

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