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Thermowell or not?

I am prepared to purchase a two-stage temp controller (Ranco) and plan to use a heat wrap inside of a fridge. I have always heard that it is best to monitor the actual temp. of the beer and not the inside of the fridge. I am a little reluctant to use a thermowell because it is just one more thing to raise the potential of infection. I understand that many people just tape the temp probe from the controller to the side of the carboy. Here is my problem, how can you do that and use a heat wrap at the same time? Anyone have experience with this annoying situation? Thanks in advance for any feedback!!

Have the ferm-wrap on the lower 1/3. The sensor on the upper?

Have you seen my post on a less expensive controller from ebay?


note: I do not receive any kickbacks on purchases. I am merely passing along an alternative option. :slight_smile:

I use a thermowell some times, not always and there’s no risk of infection compared to a regular stopper. I sanitize and install just after throwing the yeast in. Just like a regular stopper. I like knowing the temperature (within error).

It does have a little bit of lift once installed in the wort so I tape it down.

I’ve bought a Oregon thermo sensor/digital thermometer that fits nicely. You need to verify that your two-stage temp controller (Ranco) temperature probe is small enough to fit in the thermowell. Brew on!!

i use my thermowell sometimes, but usually use a blow off tube…so i use painters tape or masking tape and a ziplock bag and washcloth to isolate the probe right next to the fermentor.

the ziplock is used as a single barrier; i do not stick anything inside it, just as a flat piece of barrier.

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