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ThermoStar problem

I purchased a ThermoStar temperature controller a few months ago anticipating fermenting during the cooler months. Now that the season is here, I pulled the unit out to test how the heating element would work with the controller. After attaching the heat wrap on my carboy full of water and making sure that all connections were correct according to the instructions, nothing happened. The water never warmed up. I changed the settings so that the water temp was 10 degrees cooler than the hi temp set on the controller, still nothing. I the noticed that the output active indicator light was not on. I then disconnected everything, unplugged the unit and let it sit overnight turned off. I reconnected eveything again and plugged the unit in, no green indicator light. Any suggestions for further troubled shooting or is this a bad unit?

Is the switch for heating/cooling/monitoring in the right spot? Its on the bottom of the unit near the cords…and i believe all the way to the left is heating.

Yes it is, I made sure of this multiple times

What is the temp differential set to? If its less than ten degrees i would say she is toast.

Not sure, I have note changed any factory settings. The only temp I dialed in was the desired hold temp. Is there something I am missing?

It sets how high or low the temp of your wort can get before kicking on your heater or freezer. So if you set it to 72° and your temp diff is one degree…as soon as your wort gets down to 70.9 it will kick on the heater.

In that case, yes the temp differential is 10 degrees. I wanted to exaggerate the temp to see if the unit would kick on

Get it figured out?

Yes I did. I reset the high & low temp settings and got it to work as advertised. I appreciate your help in this matter, you got me rethinking the problem. Cheers

ATTA BOY Uncdeo! Sneezles61

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