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Whats a good thermometer for brewing, havent even started brwewing but temperature control seems key. All the the thermometers on this site got bad reviews especially that lab thermometer that comes with the kit ill be ordering. What do you guys use?

Is a best to get a kettle with a thermometer built in, Ill just be doing extract/partial mash until i master that but hope to get to all grain eventually.

Some good suggestions here for digital thermometers:

A thermometer built into the kettle is very convenient and worth the cost in my view.

I keep a few cheap small metal thermometers on hand, ones I buy from Walmart for a few bucks. I compare them against each other every so often. I’m not worried aobut being within a degree on my mash, just being in the low 150s.

As far as a kettle thermometer, they’re nice and easy to install but hardly necessary. You can feel when the wort is getting cool, and a thermometer strip on your fermentor will tell you when its safe to pitch your yeast.

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