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Thermometer was off 10 degrees F

My thermometer was off 10 degrees F and I pitched the yeast at 86 degrees F, can I re pitch the yeast after a week of fermenting? It did ferment for 2 days then it stopped, looks dead!!!

You didn’t kill the yeast, they love that temperature. It makes for vigorous fermentation. Two days of airlock activity is about right for a medium gravity beer pitched at such a high temperature. Of course, the airlock could be deceiving anyway, so just check the gravity. I bet it is near the target final gravity. Give it some time to finish up the last few percent and then bottle.

Oh, and fix your thermometer :slight_smile: and try to chill below 70 next time.

Thanks for the reply…
I’m not so sure of the final gravity number, I am doing a Nut Brown Ale,the last one I did was a Bavarian Hefeweizen with the same thermometer and it did not carbonate properly I hope the same doesn’t happen with this one… :frowning:

Thanks again!

Did you measure the original gravity? As a rough ballpark you can assume 75% attenuation which means if the OG was 1.05, the final gravity should be around 1.012. But even if that is a bit off, if the gravity is ‘low’ (say below 1.02) you didn’t kill the yeast – whatever problems you might have, that isn’t it.

If your bottles aren’t carbing, that could be several problems, but lack of yeast isn’t likely. Off hand, I would say it could be too little sugar added, to cold a temeprature for carbonation, or bad seals on the caps.

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