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Thermometer in the carboy

I just finished the extract partial mash kit and it was still in the 70’s when I pitched the yeast. My basement is 60-63 so the temp should drop.

Would it be bad to drop a digital aquarium probe thermometer in to the carboy while fermentation starts? After star san, of course. Do you think there would be any flavor problems like a plastic taste?

It would be much simpler to use one of the stick on Fermometers. You could probably do what you propose, too. FWIW, get your wort under 70 before pitching next time.

Is there a difference of temp from a probe in the center to a sticker on the side?

My thermometer said the wort was at 70 deg. I topped up with a gallon of distilled from the garage. I forgot it was up to 83 here in IL. I wonder if that one gallon threw it off. Thanks for the input!

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