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Thermometer for Chilling - where in the system?

You guys think it’s worth getting one for a boil kettle using a whirlpool chiller, or would I be better off putting a thermometer inline somewhere in the chiller plumbing?

If you put it inline, I would put in before the chiller. Otherwise you will not know when it’s down to temp.

I would just use a clip-on thermometer. ... 5215824455

Personally, I would only be concerned with the large volume of wort in the kettle, since verifying that it’s dropping is the only aspect that truly matters.

If I was in an area where I was concerned about the temperature of my chiller water (I’m not), I might take a reading at the faucet, but that’s consistent, so it only needs to be taken once. If it’s at or less than the target temp and my chiller is functioning, I would be satisfied.

What I want to do is find out when my wort is chilled to pitching temps, without having to sanitize my thermometer 4 or 5 times before finally reaching that temp. Whatever the cheapest but reasonably accurate method is for doing that, using an immersion chiller with pump and whirlpool, is what I’m after.

With out whirlpooling, I use a clip on thermometer like I linked above. Set it on the boil pot 5 minutes before the end of the boil. Don’t remove it until you are satisfied with the temp.

I actually think I have one of these somewhere that came with the turkey pot I started with. I tossed it somewhere in the basement when I opened the box because I never thought I would use it!

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