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Thermometer broke...mash question >>>>

My thermometer broke (not is pieces, just read-out) so my mash water was not at the right temp as checked by my back up thermometer.

I’ve added hot water to raise the temp but I don’t have enough room in my 5gallon tun to add enough boiling water to bring the mash up to 150F from 130F, but I’ll got close at 145F.

My question is, will a longer mash compensate for the lower temp?


To some degree, yes a longer mash will compensate- Think like 90 mins or so. The wort composition won’t be what you want, but if it turns out too dry just add some maltodextrin post fermentation. 8)

Maybe even more than 90. I’ve mashed that low before and it took awhile. If your first running abnormally cloudy, I’d give it more time to mash. You could also check for conversion using an idodine test ( … m-the-pros).

It’s all good.

I shot for a 90 minute mash but ending up closer to a 115 minute mash by the time my sparge water reached temperature. The recipe suggested an OG of 1.050. I got 1.053 so I’m happy. My efficiency is usually close to 80-85% so normally my OGs are higher than stated recipe OGs by 5-10points. At +3, I’m higher but not as high as I’d normally expect with my system.

The runnings looked normal and after the boiling and chilling to 52F, I pitched my yeast.

It will obviously have enough sugar to produce a representative ABV: my main concern is whether or not the final is too “thin”. Proof will be in the pudding as they say and regardless, it will be beer.

I recorded numerous notes for lessons learned and will pick up a second thermometer on my next trip to my LHBS.


You could’ve done a decoction, boiled some of the mash and returned it to raise the temp.

I thought about that too. But, not until after I was done, RWAHB, and watching the last of the Packers/SF game.

Maybe next time. :wink:


yes, maybe next time, Packers. :frowning:

Yeah the Packers got decocted. Whatever that means.

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