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There is a god and his name is silenus

Beginner brewer here. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Beginner’s Guide to brewing from a beginner’s standpoint. Somewhere in that thread I invoked the name of Silenus (the Greek god of beer and drinking buddy of the god of wine, Dionysus). Stay with me here. That becomes important.

In that same post, I mentioned my admiration for NB’s Big Mouth Bubbler and that I would purchase it once I shattered my current 6 gallon carboy. This one: … allon.html

Wellll, I recently ordered a beer recipe kit and a case of bottles. I accidentally doubled my order which, turns out, will work out for me. My shipment should have been two boxes of stuff but I received three. I was surprised to find that the third box contained a Big Mouth Bubbler (and a few extra air locks and stoppers). (cue dramatic music) I did not order this thing.

So I did the right thing and called NB customer service. They looked at my account and the shipping record and could find no trace of ever sending me the most awesome carboy. They had absolutely no explanation for this error and invited me to keep the awesomeness. I will put it to good use (Honey Brown Ale) this coming long weekend.

Coincidence? I think not.

So, my highest praise to Silenus and His agents at Northern Brewer.

PS: Umm, Silenus, this is a way cool growler that would most certainly help me spread Your message to the heathens: … andle.html

Oh, and this is way cool, too, Dear Silenus: … rness.html

Weird that they didn’t know they sent it to you. I don’t know how something that big would fall through the cracks. I’ve been looking at those, but the only reason I’d get one is for better ease of dry hopping. I don’t understand why they don’t recommend using a brew hauler with those. They’re about the same size and shape of regular carboys, I don’t see why it’d be a big deal.

Certainly could be a mistake but some times I think they can tell from an order that someone is just getting started and they’ll add some stuff. When I first was starting all grain I made a bigger order with a Barley Crush, stuff to convert a cooler to a mash tun, grains and a bunch of other stuff. When I opened my order I though they sent me the wrong order but instead I found they threw in a few buckets, a big spoon, brew haulers, a scale and some other odds and ends that they though I’d might need. :cheers: Sure it was stuff that didn’t cost them much but it resulted in having a very loyal customer.

Perhaps but not a big, honkin’ glass bubbler! AND 4 extra airlocks AND two bonus white towels. This just has to be someone else’s order but the NB service representative could not track it down.

We must accept the undeniable fact that the good Hand of Silenus is at work here.

20 bucks to put my carboy in/on it? ha never got these things…I will stick with milkcrates or hand made carriers for a few bucks

I didn;t say I was gonna buy one. But if Silenus is gonna smile on me again, I will accept this manna from Olympus.

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