The taste on the backend of an IPA

So this weekend I let my friend try one of my Kiwi Express extract beers. He pointed out that all of the flavor was on the front end, but none on the back end. I thought this was a very interesting observation. Its true when you drink a store bought IPA after you swallow there is a second bitter sweet taste that lingers. Is there a term for this? Why would my homebrew not have that taste? How do I get that taste?


I suspect your beer is still young. At about 3-4 weeks after bottling/kegging, the beer gets added dimension.

Assuming it’s not a green beer thing, what hop did you use for bittering?

I used the “proprietary hop blend”. I think it is hopbursted actually. ... xpress.pdf

The 60-min addition of 0.5 oz of Nelson Sauvin (low cohumulone hop) will not give you that lingering hop bite at the back of the throat.

I find that a long hop stand will get you more hop flavor. High sulfate water will also give you some dryness to accentuate the hop bite.