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The price of Co2 refills!

Man is it only me or has the price of CO2 refills an exchanging going up? What about you guy’s have you notice the price going up for CO2?

Lhbs charges $18 for a five pounder i think.

Yikes! $18! I get charged $16 at a NON-gas distributor (paintball place but open on SAT). My regular place charges $12/5 or $15/10.

I am paying $21 for a 5 lb and 24.50 to fill a 10lb. I have a couple of other places I could check, but it would add so much time and driving in traffic I am not going to bother. I don’t anticipate having to refill all that often.

Here on island as well. For a 20lbs. Tank i did pay 36 dollar. Now new gas company took the place over. New price. 42 dollar

Try to find a welding supply store. They will be much cheaper. That’s where I go. CO2 is a waste product in so many industries. It should not be expensive.

I go to a welding supply store and its $12/5, $15/10 exchange if I remember correctly.

$42!?!? I think I would look into krausening or spunding.

But i do close to a year with a tank

Just paid $16 for a 5-lb fill. $42 for a 20lb doesn’t seem terrible. Sucks that that’s up from 36 though.

Yeah. But what can i do they got my by the beer keg. His response. Sir take it or leave it


Damn, that’s harsh.

Just went to the home brew store and they went up. Cost me $21 this time. I’ll try to go to Mass company. I have two fives if I buy a 20 could I fill my fives from it? That would be convenient

Like propane, I imagine you need a pump to get the tanks full, but if you put your 5 lbers in the freezer before trying to fill them, you might be able to get more CO2 into them from the 20 lber.

Not sure if freezing the tank is even necessary. Every time I get my tank filled they hand it back to me ice cold.

Once the doofus messed up the fill; I guess they forgot to close the valve before disconnecting from the filler. When they finally brought the tank back to me it had a good quarter inch of dry ice frosted all over it; vapors trailing off it like upside-down smoke.

I was like, I hope they don’t let that kid fill the acetylene tanks.


@jmck it doesn’t scale linearly like that. 20lbs here is usually around $19-20. You’re paying more for the fill than the CO2.

Yea, you get cheap CO2. Wilco gets to live in Bon-freaking-aire.
I’m just saying… Pluses and minuses to every situation.


Cheers to that!

Yes. . Haha and the worse thing. If you dont buy from the gas company any more. They want their tank back. But getting the deposit for the tank. Back its a pain.

Thanks for this. I very recently paid $25 to exchange a 5lb aluminum tank in the greater Boston area. I guess I need to shop around.

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