The Plinian Legacy - Secondary Fermentation Question


I’m currently brewing the Plinian Legacy extract kit from NB. I have a question about the steps during and after secondary fermentation. The provided instructions are as follows:

18. Secondary fermentation. Allow the beer to condition
in the secondary fermenter for 2–4 weeks
before proceeding with the next step. Timing now is
somewhat flexible.
19. Add the dry hops in two different stages.
Dry Hops #1:
Add 10–14 days before bottling
1.5 oz Columbus, 1 oz Centennial, 1 oz Simcoe
Dry Hops #2:
Add 4–5 days before bottling
0.5 oz Columbus, 0.5 oz Simcoe,
0.25 oz Centennial, 0.25 oz Amarillo

My question is, do I keep the beer in the secondary for 2-4 weeks, THEN, add dry hops #1 and wait an additional 10-14 days before bottling? Or, do I keep the beer in the secondary and dry hop during this time?

Thanks for the help.

I read it as follows:
A. Ferment for 28 days in secondary
B. Add dry hops #1 on day 15, 16, 17, 18 OR 19
C. Add dry hops #2 on day 24 OR 25

If you plan on a 3 week secondary, then subtract 7 from each numbered day.

When I did it, I let it sit in secondary for 2 weeks before adding the first dry hop. I’d also recommend muslin bags to hold your hops unless you have a way to drop temp before bottling to crash out all the hop particles. Sanitize the bag, add the hops and loosely tie it with plenty of room for the hops to move around freely. They will swell while they sit in your secondary and if it is too tightly tied, it will be next to impossible to get out of the carboy. Lesson learned the hard way. :wink:


I’m also doing the PL right now, and I have some questions. I added the first hop batch a week after transferring to the secondary and the second 4 days after that on New Year’s Eve, I was planning to bottle today but the yeast cake seems to be making a ruckus still. It’s is still a bit cloudy. If I wait another week to bottle until everything calms down a bit, will dry hopping that long affect the flavor?

The last time I brewed this up this past summer, I left the second dry hops in the keg for the duration with no ill effects. I would guess it shouldn’t be a problem to leave an additional week before bottling.