The Plinian Legacy Double IPA Kit

I just brewed the Plinian Legacy AG kit. In the instructions for the kit, the OG is listed as 1.070. Which is what I aimed for while I was brewing. Anyway, I ordered something else from Northern Brewer and was flipping through the included catalog. I noticed that the Pliny, and Heady Topper kits were broken off into their own section in the magazine. Then I noticed that the catalog said that both beers were above 1.080 OG.

So I’m wondering… Is this a misprint on the kit itself, or a misprint in the NB catalog?

The recipe says 1.070, so I would go with that.

1.080 seems high. I haven’t done the NB Pliny kit, but I did the MoreBeer one (the recipes are very similar) and I think the OG was 1.070 for that one.

I just made the MoreBeer all grain of Pliny a few weeks ago. I hit 1.076, and with using WLP007, I got down to 1.012 in 2 weeks. The sample, before dry hopping, was heavenly.

This is the 2nd time I’ve made this kit.