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The Number 8

I just kegged The Number 8 that I brewed on May 9. OG was 1.084 when I pitched it with 3787. I moved it from the primary carboy to a conditioning carboy after 30 days and the SG was 1.019. I took a gravity reading today and it was down to 1.009. Using the .009 as the FG Bearsmith puts that at a 9.9 measure ABV and MAN it tasted fantastic!

I know this beer will get better with age and for that reason I almost bottled it but I didn’t have any bottles around and I had just finished off the Patersbier that I had brewed to create the yeast cake for the 8 so it seemed to be appropriate to rack it into the same keg as well. :smiley:

I’m going to try and let it cold condition for a few months but I know I’ll be taste testing along the way…

Sounds like a good plan, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve used the Westmalle yeast many times, its a beast. How many volumes of CO2 will you put to it?

sitting at about 12psi right now which I think translates to about 2.3(?) vols or so…lower than the style calls for but I’ll worry about it when it’s closer to being ready to drink.

It’s clearly not ready ATM. I tasted it again yesterday…surprising how a bit of carbonation highlights the alcoholic ‘hotness’ of the beast. I’m actually thinking I may bottle it from the keg and let it condition in bottles for a while.

Probably should have left it in the carboy for a few more months but it tasted so much smoother uncarbed and at room temp…

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