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The Number 8 Extract Kit

I’m going to be bottling my Number 8 Extract. Its been in the secondary for almost two months. This is my third brew and i dont want to screw it up. How can I make sure it’s well carbonated.

Rehydrate some S05, add to the bottling bucket, and bottle to ensure proper carbing. Find a priming calculater and figure the right amount of sugar to use. Good luck

+1 to reyeasting

I did not reyeast my first batch of The Number Eight and carbonation was very slow and spotty. Rehydrate the yeast, add it to the bottling bucket with your primer and stir it well, with a little additional mixing as you bottle in case some of the still dry yeast settles out in the bucket.

Once I reyeasted, it carbonated nicely. Still be prepared for it to take at least a few weeks or more, depending on temperature. Be patient. It is worth the wait and gets better over time.

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