The keg that won't end

I have just a regular fridge in the basement, I can only fit two kegs in it. I have a keg of honey porter that has been in there a while and a keg of a smokey brown ale. I am waiting for the honey porter to empty so I can keg my maple syrup brown ale and try it for the 1st time. I have had the maple brown ale in the secondary for 10 weeks. That dang wonderful honey porter keg just won’t empty. I keep expecting the glass of foam but it just isn’t happening. I guess it’s good problem to have. :cheers:

I’m sure more than a few of us wouldn’t mind helping with that problem :cheers:

I’ve had this problem before. The best advice I can give is to have some friends over. Given Murphy’s Law, the keg will blow on the first pull.

KC I agree. Whenever I feel I have this problem it kicks relatively soon thereafter.

Yep I have an IPA that won’t kick. The keg feels so light it has to dry but the beer keeps flowing. Why couldn’t my last batch of Dunkel gone into the magic keg?

I’ve had that happen before. Me and a buddy wanted to tap a Rye IPA but had another IPA that was very light. We decided to kick it before tapping the other. Finally drank enough out of it that we did not want to tap the other.

I’ve had this happen a few times as well. I go to fill my snifter for what I’m sure has to be the last one, but I end up with 4 or 5 more. It only happens to me when I have a new beer that I’m really looking forward to trying and don’t have an open tap. And I’m usually having some friends over within the next few days. In other words, I think it’s mental. Sometimes you just have to make the ultimate sacrifice and binge drink a little bit. I mean what’s the other option? Dumping it out? Blasphemy!


Yep got a glass full of foam this evening. The maple syrup brown ale is getting cold crashed tomorrow.

When I get to that point I hook up my homemade bottle filler rig and empty the keg into bottles. Problem solved, and now you have some portable brews to take with you or give as samples. Or stash them in your fridge for a bit of variety down the road. That’s also why I scaled back to 3 gallon batches. :cheers:

I had a keg of Peace Coffee Second Crack Stout that just would keep on giving. I got this as an all grain kit from NB for buying a certain amount of product and it would not have been a choice of mine looking through a menu but it was one of the best beers that I have ever had and it just kept getting better and better as time went on. I will definitely brew that beer again.

I thought you liked it? So why the hostility? :wink:

I thought you liked it? So why the hostility? :wink: [/quote]

Lol! I would like to blame that on autocorrect but it’s just bad spelling.

For every keg that won’t kick, there’s one which blows way before you expect it. Always amazes me how they work.