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The ipa trend

Anyone else tiring of endless IPA s. I like an ipa as much as the next guy. Well maybe not as much as I used to . One here and there is fine but I feel we are getting to the saturation point. Sometimes I’ll go to a pub and it seems like it’s IPA or American lite lagers

I got tired of them and didn’t brew any for a year or two. That did make it a little more likely to order one when out. Kind of drifting back now.

I always like to have an IPA on hand. Dead Ringer had been my long time favorite. Tastes have changed though. I tend to like the lower ABV brews now. Can have three or four low ABV beers and still put together a good supper. I’m keeping NB’s lower ABV Chinook IPA in the frig now.

Might replace that with an ESB sometime/for a while.


I’m not a hophead. I like a good pale ale but never could really stomach the strongest IPAs, still can’t. I’m not drinking my Heady Topper, going to give it away to friends because I can’t stand it.

I see some of the crafty brewers now have 3,4,5 different IPA’s to their line up… Enough is enough… I do enjoy an IPA from time to time… Haven’t brewed one for a while… I. do also see them lowering the ABV, like Flars is doing… I just enjoy the ESB’s of late… Sneezles61

I am going to be the voice of dissent in the thread so far. Although when I go to a brewery I am all over the board on a flight, I am loving the bitter hoppy IPA’s my son and I am making! Don’t get me wrong, the pale ales and scotch ales are working for me as well as our ESB(S) and as @sneezles61 and @flars have mentioned, we’re all in on lower ABV beers. We tend to like what we make and tend to session them so the lower ABV is a must!

I love them, but even I think its nuts. A new brewery opened up recently, and their opening day tap list was a west coast IPA, a hazy IPA, a double IPA, a coffee stout (in July, mind you), and a kettle sour. One great IPA is enough, don’t overload us with all the different substyles.


With the current IPA craze, as well as the sour surge, its getting harder to find a beer I really like when I go out. My current stock - White House Honey Ale (my light “summer fling” ale), White House Honey Porter, Caribou Slobber, a bourbon barrel porter, a dark Belgian strong, Northy 12 (aging), a chocolate milk stout and Grandma’s Secret Stash. Not a lot of hops here. The IPA fans certainly ought to have some choices at the bar, but it would be nice if the rest of us did too. As George T sings, I might have to just stay home and “… drink alone”. :slight_smile:

This sounds familiar. We have a relatively young brewery in town that has wonderful atmosphere and very good talent in brewing, as far as I can tell. But out of the 10 beers they typically have on tap, nine of them will be IPAs or sours. I can’t take many of my friends there, and I’m really not much of a hop fanatic either, so I don’t go as often as I would like.

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Morning ya all. Yes do think the ipa are a hype at the moment. It will fade. Do think the next thing will be porters. Or saison beers. Me work part time at a brewery. Where there are 3 different kind of ipa on tap. Reason lots of people are asking for it. At home brew the. Death ringer and coastal evacuation. A nice beer. Not to hoppy

The craft breweries around here have pretty diverse line ups. Sure they have a couple different IPAs on tap at all times but that’s what the market demands so they pretty much have to.

I usually have oneout of my four taps serving an IPA. Right now it’s an all centennial. the other 3 are Munich Helles, Pilsner and Marzen. My IPAs all use the same grain bill and finish about 6.4 so it’s usually the highest ABV beer in the lineup and lasts longer on tap.

It’s funny, when I started brewing, all I made was IPA’s. Now typically during the summer I have one IPA on tap and something else to go with it. The only time I have two IPA’s on tap is the annual Plinian Legacy/Off the Topper side by side. Otherwise, I typically have a milder ale on tap beside an IPA. From August on, I tend to lean darker (although I love Black IPA so I typically do that once or twice a winter) and more malt forward. Smashing Pumpkin (once per year), Denny’s BVIP, Scotch Ale, Nugget Nectar clone (once per year), and a variety of stouts and reds, and occasionally a nice high gravity winter sipper. I really like all sorts of beers so it’s nice to have variety. Clearly, I need to upgrade to more taps like @dannyboy58 :yum:

Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA is really the beer I credit with truly getting me into craft beer so I am fairly biased towards hoppy deliciousness. I used to hate beer in college because all I ever drank was college swill. :joy: Once I found out beers could actually have flavor, my eyes were opened to a whole new world. That coupled with Untappd have introduced me to a great variety of flavors and styles that I enjoy. I think a lot of new breweries around me opened up and pumped out a bunch of IPA’s to generate interest but then expanded into other styles once they’ve gotten people in the door. It depends on where you go, but most places have a minimum of 2-4 IPA’s on tap.


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Love my session IPAs and love the challenge in brewing them. But I agree that some breweries are over doing their lineup with them.
I will usually have 1 on tap with 2 different beers that I felt like brewing. No rhyme or reason really. Just what I wanted.

I do like a west coast style IPA, hoppy and dry. Don’t care too much for the “east coast” style IPAs that are overpoweringly malty. I have enjoyed a few juicy “NE” IPAs but I do try to have other beers on tap or in bottle in my house to balance my palate. I like to have an IPA/pale ale, cream, stout, hefeweizen, lager, etc throughout the year. My buddy and family that have also joined homebrewing also give me some of their beer so I’m spoiled with several different recipes as well as have a local brewery that has about 8 to 10 beers on tap with varying styles.

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I love a good IPA, but it’s not the only style I love.

The real problem is how many people think “craft beer” = IPA. Just look at how biased some of the review sites are. The breweries brewing lots of IPAs are just reacting to the market pressures.

On the bright side, I was at a brewers convention in June, and it seemed like the offerings were about 1/3 IPA/DIPA, 1/3 Gose and other Sours, and 1/3 everything else. So Sours may be replacing IPAs at the commercial breweries. That’s fine with me; I’ll be happy to brew my own IPAs and buy commercial sours. So far, I’ve not been willing to take the plunge into brewing sours.

I was like that but finally pulled the trigger on a kettle sour. No worries about contamination and it turned out great! Getting ready to do 10gal.

IPA’s I generally brew a couple a year Dead Ringer and the Plinian Legacy…But I as well am getting pretty dang tired of the IPA’S ruling the day…

That’s the best part of brewing. You get to make what YOU want.


…and what I want is more IPA! :joy:

I’ve been drinking craft beer since the 90s and I remember some breweries didn’t even have IPAs. They had pales that would qualify for ipa by today standard though. They all had ESB though and now I see less and less. There is another brewery that opened near me I think I’ll go investigate

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