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The Innkeeper versus Single Hop Best Bitter

Interested in hearing some views on which extract kit is better: The Innkeeper versus Single Hop Best Bitter. I am a fan of English bitters, such as Bombardier and London Pride. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

Innkeeper definitely rules over teh SHBB. It is one of my regular “house” beers.
If you get a chance order an extra ounce or two of Styrian goldings to dry hop with also, trust me.

Thanks for the tip!! Much appreciated.

ITsPossible, would you be able to comment on how different Styrian Goldings are from Fuggles (the SHBB kit) and Willamette, both beign considered substitutes? I’ve gotten more “citrus” than “earth/floral/spice” in SG than Willamette, which was contrary to my initial expectation given that US hops are generally more fruity than their foreign relatives.

14th, I would agree fully as I would expect them to have more of a fuggles “earthyness” as well.
But also find much more citrus character when using Stryian Goldings, and that is why I do use them quite a bit.

As you mention Williamette or other phenotypes are very good subs. But I stray towards SG in English or Belgium style beers. I have been dabbling with Styian Celiea in this innkeeper recipe and although I dont like it as much as SG it brings something different into the complexity but throws a vegetal edge when young but use the SC and let it age off the veggie edge a couple weeks in the keg and it is also very, very good in this recipe.

The EKG is essential in this recipe as well.

Edit**MAtter of fact I just cracked a growler of innkeeper after typing the above. I just polished off a RPA growler that kicked the keg so its time to move on to the next beer as the other RPA keg is not coming online for a week. SAd…Times…Although I do dig on innkeeper, I just cannot keep enough RPA around.

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