The Homebrewer for WIndows Phone and Windows 8

The Homebrewer for Windows Phone and Windows 8

I have just released my first homebrewer software app which is now

available for Windows Phones and will be available for all Windows 8

tablets starting next week.

The Homebrewer includes many of the day to day calculations with

homebrewing including:

  • IBU Calculation
  • SRM Estimation with BJCP color references
  • ABV Estimator
  • Carbonation Calculator with multiple priming types
  • Pitching rates based on dry or liquid yeast viability
  • and an overview of the brewing process.

You can download this for your windows smartphone from the marketplace on

your phone or through:
[URL="Windows Phone Apps - Microsoft Store

9feb-4688-ae98-293ed026b2f3"]Windows MarketPlace- The Homebrewer[/url]

I look forward to the feedback of users about this application or any

additional features you would like in future upgrades.

It would probably generate more interest for your app if you could correctly post both images and URLs to a website. Just sayin’. :cheers:

As one of the three percent market share Windows Phone users, I thank you… I’ll be grabbing this shortly. Sadly, I am pretty new at this brewing stuff, so my feedback would be limited, but I’m excited to finally have an option.