The Cereal Killer - Are they any good?

This looks like a great price. Are they worth a damn? ... _2310.html

The Cereal Killer
Grain Mill

Adjustable 2 roller grain mill with hopper and base
To adjust, simply loosen two screws, adjust gap, tighten two screws
Attach a drill easily. Remove the handle with one screw and attach drill
WARNING: Hold mill and drill while in use

Only $99


I only do five gallon batches and will be doing about 20 batches a year. Is this good enough for those uses.

Glad you posted this. I was wondering the same thing. Would like to know what people think.

Man, it looks just like a Barley Crusher…

That’s what I thought.

But, the BC doesn’t come with the warning. :lol:
No mention of a warranty either.

There may be a reason that the price was dropped and was lower than the BC to start with. But you can’t deny that is a good price. Will it be crushing good by that 20th, 40th and 60th batch, though?


well damn. Thanks for the info. But I am just as lost as before. I am really thinking about it. I feel like I am doing something wrong not crushing my own grains.

I would say go for it, there’s nothing magical about grain mills, most work pretty well unless you’re running thousands of pounds of grain though them.

Ended up making the purchase. I will give a full review when I get it. Only problem is I have never used a grain mill, so I don’t really know what it will compare to.

No big deal, I’m sure it will be as good as you’ll ever need for homebrewing. A grain mill is pretty much a must for any homebrewer that buys in bulk and wants to save money. I have a Barley Crusher and it works pretty well. Probably only have had it for a couple years maybe…but no real issues yet.

I’m excited to give it a spin. now I just need to find bulk grains. There is supposedly a co-op here that I can get them from. just not sure how easy order is. Not sure if I will have to wait a long time to see the products due to the fact that he needs enough to make the order worth their time.

I am sure it will be fine. Brush it out after each use and you will be happier (you don’t have to disassemble it completely, just a clean brush on the rollers and mill surfaces).


[quote=“ynotbrusum”]I am sure it will be fine. Brush it out after each use and you will be happier (you don’t have to disassemble it completely, just a clean brush on the rollers and mill surfaces).

:cheers: [/quote]

Will do. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

Between the two new primaries I got in yesterday, the four lbs of hops coming from hops direct, the new grain mill, and finding a co-op in town that I can get bulk grains…I couldn’t be having a better week.

So what’s the result? Is the Cereal Killer any good?

Reviews seem good on it. I have been looking at buying this two I also have a $10 gift card with them from my points. sucks though I have to pay taxes on things because I live in michigan.

I have one. It’s pretty good. You have to keep it clean to make sure both rollers roll. I can’t compare it to other models, though.

I thought they weren’t selling them because of quality issues? My friend tried to buy one at one point and got that explanation.

“The New Improved Cereal Killer Grain Mill” They took care of the issues that they were having

I think a couple of the differences are the Cereal Killer mill only uses 1.25" dia rollers and only 4" wide so a bit cheaper to build since its smaller than others.
Maybe a 6 month warranty on it? I think that’s what it said when I was looking at them

Most others seem to be wider rollers like 5" 6" or longer and 1.5" dia.

After thinking about buying a grain mill and looking at all the ones I could find I decided I am building my own since I have all the tools and I also want a couple extra features not mentioned for any of the ones on the market now.

Muddy water we ate obviously from the same town---- I’m in search of bulk grains as well. What is your connection?