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The Alchemist Heady Topper

So this is it. This is what’s going for $10/can on ebay (
). Picked mine up for $12.49/4 cans at Pearl Street Bev in Burlington, VT.

It’s good. Soft on the palate, bitter, hoppy, but maybe a bit too sweet at first, it still finishes dry. Lots of amarillo and simco, I believe. It’s really cloudy. Too cloudy, like can not see a damn thing through the glass cloudy. All that crap in there? It’s changing the texture and flavor in undesirable ways, IMO.

Maybe I’m just over IIPAs, but… meh. Not worth much hype, although it is the best IIPA on the east coast as far as I’ve had. Although I did get a growler of HIPA from the Magic Hat brewery that was quite bad-ass, fresh from the taps in their tasting room. That was more of a single IPA, though.

I think I may go on reddit and trade the rest for some Russian River or Cantillion…

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