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Thanks to the NB forum veterans

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the guys that have helped me and many other new brewers on here. I’ve been brewing and on this forum for 3 years now… People come and go on here (sometimes I don’t get on here but once every few weeks) but I just wanted to thank some of you all specifically for being active and helpful on here:


If you’re active on here and I left you out, please don’t be offended… You can only mention 10 users in one post and I’m just typing off the top of my head. I’ve went from NB starter kit to kegging and brewing GOOD beer and it’s thanks to you guys and everyone on here. Please know that your time and conversations are appreciated. Thanks, Luke


Thank you @iahomebrew. But I’m only doing what many did before me on this forum. We all started as newbies too. :beers:

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Thanks. We are here to hèlp and get help from others as well. Nice to have other brew friends.

Very kind words… Ultimate goal is the journey to good brews YOU make! Thank yourself as well… You had to do the work and figure out how to apply this advice… Please pass it on too! Sneezles61

Thank you. I hope we have done well.

Thanks for the mention @iahomebrew I’ve learned alot from people on here as well still do. But like mentioned above if you are brewing good beer it’s on you

Thanks @iahomebrew we all can remember being new brewers with questions and concerns. The people who helped us out made it much easier and we love to pay back that by helping newer brewers, hey that rhymed :slight_smile:

You’re welcome iahomebrew.
Back in 2011 when I started on this wonderful homebrew kick, this forum was huge, and filled with very helpful folks, who were also very kind to newbies and our somewhat ‘less-than-smart’ questions. Nighthawk, Nightshade, DMTaylor, Denny, many others. Not all forums were as helpful or kind.
Just trying to give a little payback.

And I forgot the early days of ‘Brewtalk’ TV with Jake, Dawson and Chip. They were very instructive and entertaining too. Miss those early days.

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For the love of a great brew!! Amen! Sneezles61

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That’s about the time I started and this forum was indeed a busy place, answers were nearly instant!
It’s still a great forum with tons of knowledge and the only forum I care to join. It’s fun watching our babies grow up on here. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way as well, you’ve helped create a fun and rewarding hobby!


Ditto to everything Brewmanchu just said!



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