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Thanks. And happy holidays

Thanks you all for giving good advise. On this forum enjoy learning and reading. The postings. Everyone a good xmas. And enjoy the holidays.

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You too! This still remains a great place for info. There’s differing opinions but it remains civil. Here’s to keeping it that way for 2017 and on! :beers:

Yes, Merry Christmas peace to all

I agree Happy Holidays to all and good brewing in 2017.



I suggest we all take time to view, how beer saved the world. And then we will all have a Merry Christmas! Yep that right, I said the c-thing! Happy holidays too! Sneezles61

Crystal malt?

Merry Christmas and awesome Holiday brewing to all!


Think wedness day last brew session. For this year. A imperial. Lemmy bomber ale. Tribute beer to lemmy.

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