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Thames Valley Yeast/ Australian Sparkling Kit

My dad and I just brewed the Australian Sparkling Kit. We are having some fermentation issues. Usually with our beers we get activity within the night we brewed. It has now been almost 24 hours and we are a little concerned.

We ordered the kit a few days before July 4th and we knew that we wouldn’t get it til the next Monday which was true. So we naturally worried about our yeast sitting in a shipping center for so long without the icepack.

When I smacked the pack and shook it up, the yeast did not swell as much as I am accustomed to and we used a starter and a stir plate. By the time the starter was finished, it had turned a darker brown then what I would consider the norm.

We brewed the beer just fine and I have everything temperature controlled in a brew freezer. I did use fermcap-s which I don’t usually use.

I guess my concerns are as follows:

Does the brown color mean that the yeast has died?
Do I need to order new yeast and will the unfermenting beer be fine for a week without it?
Could the fermcap be affecting anything?

Maybe nothing is wrong, I know it’s still early but we have never brewed with this yeast before so it seems peculiar

Thanks for the help

It took about 36 hours before any sign of fermentation started. The yeast must have a long lag time. After 48 hours it was like an atom bomb went off. The fermcap did not help and we used a blowoff hose for 2 days. I guess it turned out just fine.

I did notice on my other kit that I just made a starter for a different yeast strain still came out dark brown and the yeast pack did not inflate really at all. So I have to wonder if I received damaged yeast from my shipment.

I hope this information helps other brewers that run into similar issues.

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