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Testing/aging a big stout

I have one bottle of a RIS that I am itching to test but it has only been in the bottle for 6 weeks. Those 6 weeks have been at about 70-75 and it has been in the fridge for 3 days tonight. I made 5 gallons and kegged it to age for fall but I am pretty sure I will be testing that one bottle tonight. Should I expect it to be “green” still? Will I be disappointed? Wait?

It’ll probably be on the harsh side with a bit of excess alcohol burn, but you should be able to see where it’s going. Unless there’s a problem, it ought to be enjoyable even this young.

Spot on Shade. Smells of chocolate and alcohol, great tan/mocha head and good retention. Definite hot alcohol makes me want to exhale after swallow, like a shot. It’s headed in the right direction. November should be the next time I try this beer.

Got noticeably better after warming up.

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