Testing a pic posting

Trying to figure out picture posting, whilst a “Tech Saavy” child is at the house.

I thought you were posting an I spy picture for guys.
I spy…radiator hoses…a autozone ball joint…scrap rotors… :smiley:

I see a naked lady. It seems to be working just fine. :expressionless:

I like the extra handle at the bottom of the keg. I bet that comes in handy sometimes, eh?

Yep, that’s been a good keg / cookpot for feeding the masses when you have a large gathering!

Started with a very nice keg on that one, with the exception of the top ring was smashed.
I cut it off above the weld, and ground down the weld until flush.
Handles are 3/8 stainless round stock, with scrap car valve springs added to help keep 'em cooler.