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Testament to the Thermopen

I’ve brewed for many years now and have owned many different thermometers. Several years ago I finally bought a Thermoworks Thermapen and never looked back. The accuracy, speed, and dependability were unmatched. After years with my Thermapen without a single issue, there was an incident… During a late night brew session a buddy layed my Thermapen down on my one of my burner frames during the boil. Both sides towards the probe had started melting and separating before I caught it. :smiley:
Big thanks to companies like Thermoworks for still producing high quality products!

I love my Thermapen for brewing and cooking.

I’m on my second one- the first one was melted badly after it was used to check the temp of a roast and was left IN THE ROAST and returned to the oven! (An ex-girlfriend :wink: )

ThermoWorks has a sale going, until 9/1, buy two Thermapens for $85 each.

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