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I need to get my stout off of my oak chips, but I still need to dry hop it. Have any of you had negative experiences with a second racking? I understand the infection risk, but I’m willing to run with it.

I’ve needed to do tertiary a few times for various reasons, like fruit beers with lots of sediment in the secondary, or really long aging of meads. Worked fine for me. As long as you’re careful I don’t see racking as an infection risk.

If you have the ability, purge your tertiary with co2 before racking. The more you handle the beer the more risk of infection, oxidation, etc. You’ll be fine though…

Absolutely right. If everything is clean and sanitary, you purge the receiving carboy, and rack without splashing, there should be no problem. I’ve done tertiary transfers on numerous occasions and have never had any issues as a result.
If your sanitation is good, no worries!

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