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Terrapin PumpkinFest

A great pumpkin beer, I enjoyed it more than DFH Pumpkin! Great aroma, nice color and of course it tastes great!!

If you can get your hands on a 6 pack I would highly recommend it!!


This is pretty good! My LBS creates their own fall mix packs and I picked up the Pumpkin pack two weeks ago. Altogether, I tried Terrapin, Smuttynose, DFH and three others that were ENTIRELY un-noteworthy (I don’t even remember the names). The Terrapin definately stood out with a big sweet and spicey flavor and subtle fruit. I liked the DFH as well, a bit more robust body. Smuttynose pumpkin should be called an IPA. The hop bitterness is very pronounced, I almost could’nt taste the fruit and spices. As far as Pumpkin Ale goes, however, my favorite commercial is Cottonwood. I don’t know if it goes outside of the Southeast, it’s brewed in Mooresville, NC.

Thanks Rambus I will have to look for Cottonwood in my LBS here in ATL!


I need to correct myself a bit, Newbie. Apparently the brewery has moved, again, to Wilkes-Barre, Penn. I found out a few days ago after picking up a sixer (all this talk about Pumkin Ale made me thirsty). I also found out that it’s not as good as it used to be. Doesn’t that always happen when a beer moves?

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