Temperature question

I made a German Pilsener with my recent harvest of Sterlings and pitched at 50F with WL830 just prior to leaving for the weekend (hint). I have a temperature controlled conical that I set up in my wine closet (55F). I came home 30 hours later to the breaker switch off and conical at 59F. It took about 36 hours to get back to 50F. All is well with the ferment. I’m not too worried but this was a critical fermentation time. What can I expect? I figure that a diacetyl rest is probably necessary now. Thanks for your advise.
PS breaker probably thrown because the conical and humidifier were on the same switch (noted for next Marzen).

Don’t know. I’ve not tried fermenting the WLP830 at warmer temperatures before. Theoretically, you could end up with more fruity esters in the finished beer, i.e., “less clean, less crisp”. But maybe not.
It might turn out just fine. Wish you luck.

59f is not all that high so I’d think that you’ll be okay.