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Temperature of Secondary

Brewing my third extract batch… Deadringer Kit from NB. 1 week in Primary with plenty of action…settled down after 3-4 days. Racked to secondary after a full week in order to free up Primary for more fun.

Its been sitting in secondary for a week now at 68 - 70 F. Any issues with moving it to the basement where it is about 55-60 for the balance of the secondary period before bottling? Probably another 2 weeks or so…?

Appreciate all the help. Love this board.


I would dry hop at room temperature, if you haven’t already. Other than that, you want to condition as cold as possible in order to clear the beer quickly. That’s different from a secondary fermentation (adding additional sugars, honey, fruit, etc.), in which you would want to keep the beer at fermentation temperature.

I think you’ll find that many, if not most, brewers just condition in the fermenter. There certainly isn’t any need for a 2+ week conditioning phase for most beers.

So once I dry hop it (tonight maybe) I should give it a few days at room temp, and then I am good to move the carboy to a colder temp for as long as I need to until bottling?

Does that sound right?


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