Temperature controllers

Does anyone have any opinions on the Johnson controller and the thermostar controller sold on this site. The thermostar seems to have more advantages ie the 12 inch probe and thermo well.

I’ve been very happy with my Johnson controller. I’ve had it over 1 year now and no problems, easy to install, and if any questions arise, there are about a thousand you tube videos that will address any conceivable issue…

I like thermostar slightly better…no jumpers just a switch…both work well though.

What are these jumpers I keep reading about?

You must take the top cover off the Johnson and move a jumper to change from heating to cooling. I keep the Johnson on my chest freezer…and my thermostar on my carboy heater.

Sounds like thermostar is easier to use.

I’ve had a johnson conlrols controller for 2+ years. Works perfectly. I also have a couple of docooler temp controllers I got off amazon for maybe $15 apiece. They were perfectly too and unlike some of the chinese models they display in Farenheit. You just have to buy a cord and install it. Much cheaper option.

I use a thermostar and have no complaints about it whatsoever.

I have a Ranco two-stage controller and its great. That said, I very rarely need the heat side and almost never both hooked up at the same time. So having to do it all over again, I’d probably just by a single stage and save the money.

I have a couple of the Ranco controllers (single stage) and like them just fine. The Ranco controllers seem to be used in a lot of HVAC applications such as coldrooms, so I think it is a solid unit with a good track record in terms of reliability.

I was going to buy another Ranco but stopped when I saw the price was up to $100 at Grainger. I bought an ITC-1000 for $15 and added another $20 in parts (box, receptacle, wire). It works great.

I use an Auber TD100. It’s less expensive, easier to use and has more features than either the Johnson or Ranco.

I use a Johnson controller and it has always worked great for me.

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Grainger is so proud of their products, the like to charge more! Sneezles61

:joy: so true!

You are right on the money before I got into brewing and buying one of these controls for my freezer I had bought one from a HVAC site for my electric water to use as a thermostat so I can use my boiler to heat my water instead of electricity and it works great and with out fail every day. I will spare you the detail the point is they work.

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