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Temp drop on day two of fermentation

This past Friday I brewed up a Scottish Ale with Windsor British style yeast. Saturday I took a peek and it was bubbling along @ 64F. And then the East Coast Snow Storm hit and knocked out my power. The next temp I was able to record was 50F. All activity stopped and Im certain the yeast is dormant. I got power back yesterday. And have brought the carboy back to a warmer area in the hopes of reactivating the yeast. Im still not seeing much activity. Does anyone have experience with this sort of situation? Thank you in advance.

It should start back up if you warm it and give it a good swirl. If it doesn’t, take a gravity reading to see where you are and report back. This situation has not happened to me yet, but I have read several post in the past where this has happened.

No way to truly know without a gravity reading. Take one either way and see where you are. I’d still get the temp back up and rouse the yeast a little. Even if fermentation is done, there’s still other work for the yeast to accomplish.

I’ll check tonight and report back.

Gravity reading is 1.017. It started at 1.032. It will be 1 week tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll move it to the secondary fermenter. Any thoughts?

I think that’s too high an FG. I’d expect 1.008-1.012 for a 60/-. Also, I wouldn’t bother with a secondary. Swirl it up, keep the fermenter above 62F, and give it a week, then bottle or keg it when you have two consecutive days with the same gravity reading.

The sheet from the kit I’m using says FG will be 1.010-1.014. How close to FG should I be before moving to a secondary?

All the way there. Secondary should be for a little aging and clearing. You want to have all fermentation done on the primary yeast cake

Thanks for your help.

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