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Temp Control for Belgian Yeast

Believe it or not, batch 54 was my first Belgian batch. I’m using WLP0570. Pitched at 67°F. Temp rose naturally to 72°F. I bumped it up to 73°F and then 74°F. I don’t really want to go any warmer, because I don’t want it to be super estery. Now I’m thinking about the climb down.

What is your ROT for when to start dropping the heat on a Belgian?

When F.G. is reached. I don’t think there’s a benefit to dropping it before hand, if you can hold it at the higher temp, if not then it may not reach F.G. or it will be slow to do so.

When F.G. is reached. [/quote]
Yes, you obviously want to keep the heat on until FG. That can take just a few days. I’m lazy about FG samples. I don’t normally check until I’m confident it’s time to rack. I don’t want to apply heat any longer than necessary.

I know from experience that I can generally relax about temp after a few days when using English and American yeast. I can pretty much go on autopilot. Saison yeast aside (because i know it can be very slow), certainly experience has taught some of you similar lessons about Belgian strains.

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