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Temp Change Bad?

I’ve had the Petite Saison fermenting for 2 1/2 weeks. It held strong at 68 for the first two weeks. Then I had to surrender the swamp cooler to cold crash something else.

In the last few days, the temp has risen to 72.

I would imagine this is okay since fermentation was done awhile ago.

Any reason to be concerned? Should I move it down to the basement?

I have never brewed a Saison but I was under the impression that you are SUPPOSED to raise the temperature as you go. In some cases up to 80F! I think you should be totally fine but you may want to check out the BTV episode “Happiness is a Warm Carboy”, as well as seek advice from some of the more experienced brewers on the forum.

If you are using 3711, it ferments just fine in the 60’s. Giving a nice ‘peppery’ taste.

All the other yeast start, but take a hiatus at those temps. Requiring a rise in temp to keep them going.

Of course if you want more pronounced flavors, ferment them warm from the start.

no need for concern. saisons are more forgiving at higher temperatures, especially after fermentation is over with. i’d leave it at 72

Yes, 3711. The instructions said 68.

I figured I’d be okay.

Thanks, all.

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