Tasmanian Devil Pale Ale at 92 degrees :)

yeast was wlp007…active ferm has been over for a week…basement started warming up with the weather so I put my temp controller (Johnson controls a419) on the carboy and moved the jumper to cool…checked it this morning and it was at 92 degrees. So probably have a messed up controller…but more concerned about my pale ale…ruined?

My .02 cents worth, if it’s been a wk, so probably 90% of ferment is over and it’s starting to clean itself up. The critical phase is the first 24-48 hrs. Now that’s been over and done I’ll say no chance for off flavors now. You should be OK, and just let it cool. Should have no ill effects. No worries mate!

I agree that since fermentation was over it won’t likely result in fusels. But I bet the attenuation will be high.

Attenuation can be pretty high with 007 anyway.

Thanks for the reassurance :slight_smile: